I will not tolerate abusive or harassing behavior on my site. My site, my rules. Don’t like it? GTFO. This is to serve as both a trigger warning and a warning about NSFW language and/or images. I can remember exactly two instances from my past where my dress code was called into question. The first was when I was in high school, I wore a shirt from Save the Tatas. It simply said “My tatas could beat up your tatas”. This was prior to my breast reduction, and my breasts were (and still are) rather large. My best friend was wearing a shirt that saidRead More →

This is to serve as both a content noticeĀ and a warning about NSFW language and/or images. Every single year there is at least one blog post that goes viral that discusses the behaviors of young women during the warmer months. Most of the time those blogs discuss the ways that women are destroying the men of the world and luring them into sin and hellfire by posting a sultry picture of themselves in a bikini, or a sexy summer pic on instagram where they’re braless and comfortable. Today, I’m here to bitch about them. This is such bullshit. This is the bullshit that people areRead More →