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Oh my goodness. Time has no meaning in a pandemic, and then I sat down to write this post and realized it’d been nearly four years since I was really active. I know I’ve neglected y’all and this blog for four years, and I can’t believe you still love me. I feel like the past four years been an absolute blur, but we got through it, and now I’ve got some shiny new letters after my name! Really, thank you, everyone, for supporting me throughout both my undergraduate and graduate degrees, and I am so excited to be The Frisky Fairy, MSW. Thank you forRead More →

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve been preetty quiet. I know y’all missed me so hard. Unfortunately, that random silence with slight bits of chattiness is going to continue at least until September (Possibly longer). ¬†Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or on Twitter @TheFriskyFairy to get real life shots of what I’m up to. (And also my cat!) So I am a TOTAL SLUT for subscription boxes, and long have I bemoaned the lack of sex box full of body safe goodies. When Unbound poked at me about reviewing their box and I gave the site a look, I decided that maybe, just maybe it wasRead More →

The Frisky Fairy Reviews favorite toys, books, blogs, and other fun sex education reviews!   I had heard about The Poly Life app months ago, and I was so incredibly excited about it! I talked it up to everyone I knew of, because the idea of there being an app that all of my partners could get to help us manage our hectic life, and also help me remember things like who has green as a¬†favorite color, and who is allergic to what would have made my life so much simpler. So I waited and waited for the release date to come. When it finallyRead More →