Hey y’all! Here are some of the amazing events and folks I’ve spoken with in the past


Gentleperverts Social Club

Gender Politics and Kink, The Man of Inaction, Death and Coming Out
Consensual Objectification, Kinky Jim, NRE, Navigating Alternative Lifestyles
The Nonmonogamy Birthing Pangs Show
Heavy – Victims, Blowing Off a Date, This Week in Cats!
Booty, Catching the Feels, Ghosting, and Hookups

Sex Ed A Go-Go

The Tribbing and Strap-On Show
Geeky Kink Event Special!!



Side Effects May Vary

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2016
Crista Anne

Sex Positive and Poor

Catalyst Con 2016
Dirty Lola, Liz Powell

Megasexual: Demystifying and Destigmatizing the Slut!
Sex Down South 2016