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Dating Profile Consultations  

Done over Skype, Email, or face to face I can help take your dating profile to the next level. I work with you and help you to edit your profile to reflect the best of your personality. We will work together to find the partners who are right for you!

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If you need help with sex or relationships, you’ve come to the right place! Let me work with you to solve the problems and answer the questions in your mind so you can live a friskier life!**

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**Please note: I am not a therapist or counselor. If I believe that you need to work with someone on a more extensive level, I will work with you to help find the right counselor.

Whether it’s at a store, a school, a party, or an event, I love teaching workshops! Feel free to contact me to teach a topic below, or suggest a topic

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  • Three is a Charm: Open Relationships and Polyamory for Beginners
  • #PolyPeopleProblems: Troubleshooting Polyamory
  • Still Sexy, Still Sick: Enjoying Sex with Cancer
  • Perfect from Bottom to Top: Body Love
  • Oh-Oh-Oral for Amateur Admirers
  • Oh-Oh-Oral for Practiced Paramours
  • Yes Please! Dating and Sex with Enthusiastic Consent
  • It’s a Vulva, Not a Mythical Creature!
  • Back to Basics: Sex and Foreplay 101
  • Wicked, Sexy Cancer for Lovers
  • Joysticks and Button Mashing: Sex for Geeks
  • Care and Feeding of Your Sex Toys
  • Coming Out Poly

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  1. It is only weird if one makes it to be that way. Most of the world’s people were codietnonid since birth to be monogamous or else something bad may happen. I am in a marriage and my wife and I mutually agreed for it to be open. We get along so well at that, too. We have yet to have a first poly situation of any kind, yet. Heh heh. I can be shy often.Don’t let society make you and your lovers feel like outcasts. Humans are biologically set up to naturally be poly anyway. Keep happy!

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