Amid the coverage of the #baltimoreuprising, I had a really strange thing happen to me. I spent a lot of my time¬†screaming at talking to white people when the news of the riots broke. Much of my conversation was spent defending the rioters, and their reaction to the consistent systemic oppression that people of color are facing across the country. Most of the people in the conversation are white. All of the people arguing against me are white. In fact, in the entire 48 hours and well over 100 FB notifications I got on the topic, not once did I see a person of colorRead More →

I will not tolerate abusive or harassing behavior on my site. My site, my rules. Don’t like it? GTFO. This is to serve as both a trigger warning and a warning about NSFW language and/or images. What happens when you mess up?¬†Is an apology enough? Can you make a mistake and recover from it? As a feminist, a sex educator, and someone who basically lives their life on the internet and in a public forum, I am often overcome with anxiety about these questions. In fact, if there is anything about what I do that is most exhausting, it is the fact that I amRead More →