Yeah, okay so it doesn’t rhyme. Whatever. This April I want to talk about some of my Favorites for squirting. I think that squirting doesn’t get talked about enough, and with all the BULLSHIT CONTROVERSY (seriously though, click here for why this is bullshit) I wanted to post up some of my favorites for things that make me squirt (but not pee). I also wanted to do this post during April, because April Showers, and squirting… COME ON, IT’S CUTE, ADMIT IT. So I’m going to bring up some of my newest favorites for squirting, and give you a rundown on the things I keep by my bedsideRead More →

The Frisky Fairy Reviews favorite toys, books, blogs, and other fun sex education reviews! This weekend I’m at MAGFEST nerding out with a bunch of awesome folks.  I’m not presenting, but I’ll be around! You can find me there if you want, come up and say hi! I’ve played around with a liberator ramp before in person, but I found it super squishy and not really designed for plus sized bodies. I found that I got very little lift to it, because of my copious (and fabulous) ass. I also noticed that once it got warmed up because of body heat, it’d squish a bitRead More →