Hellooooooo my loves. I hope you’ve been well. I had a great time over my birthday, and I even had a birthday party that turned into an “adult swim” after the kids had gone to bed. I’ve had a few doctors appointments after that (remind me to write a post about the Mirena), which is why I’ve been so silent. All in all, 26 is shaping up to be a damn fine year. Which brings us to the less lovely part of my post. Unfortunately, the past few months I’ve been hiding something from you all. Part of this is the fact that despite posting andRead More →

This is to serve as both a conten warning and a warning about NSFW language and images.   Please remember to be polite and respectful in the comments. EDIT 9.7.17: I realize that in this context I forgot to note that I deeply and vehemently believe that race play is a problem, and the real world social ramifications it has are far-reaching. See this link for a pretty good sum up of my feelings on race play specifically. http://angryblackhoemo.com/2017/07/19/no-people-problem-race-play-not-kink-shaming/   There are some things about myself that make me profoundly uncomfortable. Things that I have taken a long time to come to terms with. You see, IRead More →