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Where am I now?

If You Like Free Sex Toys, You’ll Love This Post

Hello darlings! This is NOT an April Fool's post. Because I fucking HATE April Fool's day, because I'm super gullible (I'm looking at you Fun Factory Orgasmia *heartbreak*). This post does have a giveaway, and a quick update about where I'm at! In case you missed it, I busted my butt...

The Frisky Fairy Travels!

Sorry folks! There will be no review today, as I'm going back home to DC!!! While I've loved my 3 weeks with Alex, I miss my cat, and the rest of my loves! Follow TheFriskyFairy on Instagram to check out my photos of my road trip from Savannah Georgia, back to...

The Frisky Fairy is: Jetlagged

Friends, I am so tired I don't even know how to construct a sentence.   I'm going to sleep and recover, so no rants today.   Have a picture of a cupcake and my cat instead.     Until Next Time! -The Frisky Fairy

The Frisky Fairy Vacations!

Hey everyone! I'm on Vacation June 19-30 2014, which means no posts until July 1st! If you're curious, I'm going to be at an event through Dagorhir called Ragnarok Take a look at where I'm staying for a week! See You Soon! -The Frisky Fairy

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