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Megasexuality: The Identity of A Slut

I'm a slut. Slutty McSlutterson over here. I'll sleep with just about anyone who piques my interest. Kidding (but not really). In reality, I identify as a megasexual. Dr. Liz Powell and I coined the term “Megasexual“ at our panel “Actually, it *is* About the Sex” during Atlanta Poly Weekend...

A Decade of Non-Monogamy: Part 1- The Art of Being Lonely

I've been non-monogamous since I was 16. Sure, I'd tried monogamy with boyfriends, but I almost always caused them terrible pain. In fact, for a long time, I told partners that they shouldn't date me because I would end up hurting them. I usually wasn't wrong. If someone who dated...

Watch Me Give a Blowjob at A Touch of Flavor!

So I'm not sure if you remember waaaaay back in February when I posted this picture?   Well I was lucky enough to shoot a video course for the wonderful Touch of Flavor! A Touch of Flavor is a great sex ed resource that brings videos and other events...

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