I Guess It’s Like Riding a Horse? AKA My Final Thoughts On The Sybian

Obligatory note that my family members, employers, future employers, teachers, should probably not read this. It’s pretty NSFW


So the Traveling Sybian and I went on one final trip before I sadly sent her back home. We went up to New York, to visit my partner Wes, because I really, really wanted to try it with him fucking me from behind. I was so interested in him fucking me with his arms wrapped around me. So he could nuzzle my neck, and whisper the sexy things in my ear.

Spoiler alert: This is not what happened.


So I get the Sybian to New York, and Wes and I procrastinate on riding it for days. He’s busy packing, I’m busy working, and then we went to watch two people who are not good people fight each other in a packed bar full of hipsters.

It was awesome.

We finally mosied home and got set up and propped up on the Sybian. And then it got fun. He grabbed my by my hips, and we rocked against it for a while. He was pushed inside of me from behind and it. Was. fucking. Amazing.

Rather than the magical, sexy, wonderfuck I was imagining, with my partner’s arms wrapped around me while I rode, upright, on the Sybian, I got a hot and vicious fuck where I was on the Sybian with my face pushed into the bed, Wes’ hands tangled up in my hair as he fucked me while I was on the Sybian.

Hot? Yes. Comfortable? No, not really.

I wish there were a Sybian where the vibrating piece was slightly longer, and where there was no part that was designed for penetration. The nub is so uncomfortable. I also wish the sybian were a little wider or longer. This is not a toy that works with my fat body necessarily, and while there are accommodations you /can/ make, they’re not always the best option.

The vibrations on the Sybian are to DIE for, for me, but that nub is so uncomfortable, because if I slip it inside of me, the vibrations don’t hit my clitoris, and if it’s outside, there’s no real place where it’s comfortable. The only good position for me is if I put myself in a modified doggy style to keep my clit close to the vibration, but my body away from the nub.

The upside to this position is that it made it all the more easy and sexy for Wes to fuck me. And good god do I love when that man fucks me. He could fuck me in the least comfortable position available and I would be so blissed out I would never even notice that I was naked on shattered glass. Or in this case, fucking a hard nub against my body.

This is NOT to say that other people won’t love it, don’t love it. You can’t tell me that people don’t love it when Sybian is celebrating 30 years of helping people love their bodies. I’ll keep the Sybian in my back pocket for those parties, those special events. That will make it all the more special every time.

The Sybian for me though, is an evening gown. It’s something you bring out for parties, something you visit every now and again. It’s not something I’d use often. It’s not something I’d love regularly. It’s not something that I throw into my rotation with my Eleven, or my Magic Wand, or my Rave (These three links are affiliate links, so please help me pay my bills xoxo).

I have to say that I much preferred the experience of giving with the Sybian. I loved sitting with the Sybian and working other people through their process, and their first (or second, third, fourth, twelfth) time on the Sybian. It was beautiful at Glittergasm to share that experience with so many beautiful people.

I look forward to chances I get to keep trying the Sybian, finding the right positions, maybe even experiencing newer attachments that pad the nub more so I don’t feel it. I mostly just look forward to the next time Wes grabs me by the hair, pushes my face into the mattress, and fucks my ass while I ride it, so that he can tell me I’m a good girl after we both turn into cum covered, exhausted messes.

Until next time…