The Doxy 2.0 AKA The Secret Agent Sex Toy

Yes, yes. I’ve been a bit absent. I don’t really have any excuses other than the mental health stuff, so I just want to say that I’m sorry <3 Anyway, on to a review I’ve been slacking on, NOT because I hated it, but because I wanted to be sure about how much I loved it before posting. Because I’m too damn lazy to go back through and edit reviews. #sorrynotsorry

Last year I was gifted with the most spectacular, shiny, shiny toy: The Doxy 2.0 Diecast. Now, I’ve talked about it before but I fucking LOVE toys that come in a fancy case. I love them so much because it just looks so posh on my toy shelf, and I look like a sexy secret agent when I open a bag up to reveal a bunch of sleek containers holding my favorite weapons… sex toys.

The case is long and sexy, with a nice and super strong zipper. I’m pretty sure if you finagle it properly, you could pull the foam out to have more space for things like lube, firearms, condoms, throwing stars, erotica, infrared goggles. Whatever your pleasure.

I find the vibrations to be a bit more rumbly than the Magic Wand, but others would disagree with me. I also dig that the Doxy will remember the setting you left it on, which is good because the buttons are big, and all feel the same (which means you may end up turning it off/up/down accidentally like I’ve done, multiple times). I love the fact that I can push the head around, as I like a LOT of pressure when I use a wand vibe BUT be warned that the head is extra super very flexible and it worried me that I was going to damage it, so I’m a bit more hesitant with it.



It can’t be a Frisky Fairy post without a piece of hair from Romulus…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that the head of the toy is black. I use my magic wand without barriers and regardless of where I’m at in my cycle, my body fluids stain the damn thing. The black head of the toy is fucking perfect for this to keep it looking shiny and perfect.

There is no such thing as a perfect toy, so here are some of the flaws. Let’s start with the cord. The cord is long, but it’s still a fucking cord. I’ve been spoiled now by toys without cords, and so this one just drives me batty. I would use this toy more with my partner/myself if it was cordless, but then we have the perpetual problem of wireless power being not as magical as wired power. I also, at one point used enough pressure for long enough time that I’m pretty sure the toy shut off (though admittedly, I am not sure if it was the toy or the outlet it was in – it did seem a bit wobbly).

Probably the thing I dislike most about the Doxy is that now, months after I received the fancy die cut metal version, the body is tarnishing where my fingers sit when I use it. I haven’t really figured out how to get the tarnish out, but that part really bums me out. I don’t think it’s super noticeable, but it’s a really big eyesore for me, on an otherwise pristine toy. Unfortunately because of the shiny, shiny metal it was SUPER HARD to get a good photo of the tarnish. So this is as best as I could do.

I have to say that I’m definitely in love with the Doxy. It isn’t going to replace the Magic Wand for me until they make a rechargeable one, but it’s a gorgeous piece that I’ll definitely use at home. Admittedly, at $187 (YIKES), I’d prefer not to bring it to travel in part because it’s a bit more expensive than I’d like (See: that one time I lost my Crave Vesper and only replaced it like a month ago)

The Doxy Die Cast 100% gets the Frisky Fairy Seal of Approval. Get Frisky and get yours here