So this past weekend I was at InfinityCon! For a con that had a few minor setbacks in the beginning (having to move the date) it was a lot of fun! PLUS I threw my first play party, and with a few snags (like me being EXHAUSTED) I feel like it went pretty damn smoothly. I strongly recommend signing up for the next one asap, because this poly con is only going to get bigger!


I have never been a rope bunny.

It’s not that I don’t *want* to be, it’s that I don’t know anyone who wants to tie up fat girls, and unfortunately, I only have so many spaces in my brain to memorize sexy things to teach people. Rope isn’t one of them. Beyond all of that, it’s because short of small ties, I’d get incredibly bored, and increasingly hungry, and sure enough, the MOMENT I would get properly tied would be the moment I had to pee.

hungry tied up

Which is why this review has been sitting for ages in my closet. Because I had no space to memorize, or learn how to tie someone up.


I did what I did best and I enlisted the help of literally any sexy body I could and asked them either to tie me up, or to let me tie them up.

Truly, sometimes I feel bad for the people who love me. It’s never “Baby, let’s try something new in the bedroom” or anything sexy or fun. It’s always “Baby can I try this new sex toy on you? or “Baby, can you use this new lube with me? Or like today’s review, “BABY let me tie you up a bit and take photos! It’s for science!”

Wither & Dye sent me a beautiful selection of rope that I didn’t get a chance to use for quite some time. It was basically a starter set of rope with two 30ft and 60ft 6mm rope in a deep, warm forest green that looked like late summer, and a navy blue that was so intense that I felt like I was looking into the night sky.


Don’t judge my bondage skills too harshly, I was working very slowly off the Two Knotty Boys website, and didn’t exactly know what I was doing.  I feel like I didn’t do too badly, but hopefully I can practice better. What I loved about this rope was how soft it was. It felt like it was well worn, but didn’t slip when I tightened the knots. I loved how easy it moved, but it didn’t untwist or give me any issues when I’m tying it up.

The softness made me think that it would be softer and easier to work around the joints. If I continue doing rope, I want to do it in such a way that I can work with people who have different body types, or injuries that mean that rope for them is complicated.


The thing I loved most about this rope is also the thing I hate most. The coloring is absolutely stunning. Every single color of their rope is rich and intriguing and looks absolutely beautiful on the skin. Unfortunately the coloring does bleed. I had the unfortunate experience of having the rope get wet in the rain while my previous partner held it, and it definitely damaged his shirt. I’m not sure, but I’m legitimately concerned that sweat would leave rope stains on the skint. His shirt was completely ruined. Like, we used everything down to the RIT color remover, and NOTHING worked to get this dye out. I’m not sure what sort of magic the creators happened to come across, but god damn it’s beautiful and dangerous. That’s the biggest caution I have against this rope.

One of the things that I will say about this experience is that I think rope is absolutely stunning and I’d love to play around with it more… but only if I can make sure that nothing impedes me from doing things like… peeing, or moving haha. Otherwise, that would be a problem for me because I’d get fidgety. Trust me, you don’t like me when I’m all fidgety.

terribly uncomfortable

Wither & Dye gets the Frisky Fairy Seal of approval. It’s great rope for starting out, and super soft. Get yours here and snuggle up with it today!


  1. I found your blog while I was looking up information, statistics, and personal stories relating to the discrimination that overweight people experience with weight-biased healthcare workers for an acquaintance of mine who didn’t believe it was a real issue and dismissed it as “SJW crying.” (Facebook is extremely unhealthy for people with a low “dumb shit” tolerance…)

    Your story was absolutely devastating to read through, which I’m afraid might sound trite coming from someone who’s never come close to an experience like that, so I really apologize if that’s offensive in any way. I’ve always been in the accepted “healthy” weight range just due to genetic luck, and I never realized what a luxury and privilege that was until a few years ago. The fact that this is so widespread is terrifying enough, but the number of people who haven’t heard about it, and/or who dismiss it as people making stuff up just for attention/to feel “victimized” is almost more terrifying to me.

    I was really inspired by your general kick-assiness that I started reading through the rest of your blog, and I love it. I’m in a poly relationship right now, and while I’m not sure if it’ll work out for me long term (mostly because I get emotionally exhausted easily, and I sometimes feel like I can’t give the amount of energy that both of them deserve,) I truly do think it’s a beautiful way to love other people. I’ve always found the concept of only being allowed to love one person at a time kind of confusing, and I adore how down-to-earth your posts are and the love you have for your partners. One of my partners is also a certified sex/relationship/desire coach, and I feel like he’d really enjoy your blog as well, so I’ll definitely be sending him the link.

    Sorry this was so long and off-topic. This actually all started because I read your “willful ignorance” post, and was so overwhelmed by my uncontrollable desire to punch some of the commenters in the face that I decided to redirect it into a (hopefully not creepy) love letter. You’re awesome, your blog is awesome, and you write beautifully. Sorry again if this is obnoxiously long, or obnoxious irrelevant, or just… Straight obnoxious.

    (OH AND I GUESS I SHOULD AT LEAST PUT SOME STUFF THAT’S ON TOPIC: your knots look gorgeous, especially for being new to it! And I totally feel you on not necessarily wanting to partake yourself… It looks so beautiful, but I’m just too impatient to sit and wait! xD)

    1. Author

      Thank you for all your kind words! I hope that you and your partner(s) come back often 🙂 <3

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