The Minna Limon, AKA: I Cleaned My Room, And This Is What I Came Up With!

So… I cleaned my room.

This may not seem like much to you, but after spending so much time in a fog dealing with my mental health, getting my room really clean was, frankly, magical. I love using Unfuck Your Habitat to clean my space up. It’s been really, really helpful. The downside is that upon cleaning my room, I realized how many toys and things I have left to review! That means so many good things for you my lovelies, because you get to catch up on all the newest, sexiest products. *purrs*

So let’s start off with probably one of the products I was SO excited to try.

I was super excited to try the Minna Limon because of one magical thing. The squeeze technology. I LOVE sex toys that include new tech, revolutionary tech. This was no exception. I wanted a sexy toy that I could slip into my panties and rock against and have it buzz on my clit. I was hoping this would be the toy for me, because I really like the idea of a soft but strong vibe that I could wear in public ;).

I asked for the suuuuper cute teal toy, because I don’t have enough toys that aren’t pink, and I’m starting to get confused as to which toy I’m grabbing when they’re all the SAME color.

The limon is really, and truly the size of a lemon!
The limon is really, and truly the size of a lemon!

Everyone comments on the packaging, and truth be told, the packaging is cute. Unfortunately, I tossed it before taking a picture. Sorry lovelies. As a toy, I’m super happy with the fact that the Limon is waterproof, and has a USB charger. I know it sounds absurd, but I like a sex toy that I can take with me in the car or on the road and can easily charge.

The fancy, schmancy, USB charger!
The fancy, schmancy, USB charger!

Even though the Limon doesn’t require much pressure to get a good vibration, the actual act of squeezing might be hard for people who have a hard time grasping things. If you cannot squeeze the toy for longer periods of time, and you have fleshier labia, this is not the toy for you. If you have the ability to press it against you until you orgasm, that does help. The super soft silicone feels beautiful, and unlike some other toys does not attract lint or dust. That being said, it is so slippery when wet that you can barely keep holding it. Between the trying to hold it and the squeezing, after I came, the toy was incredibly hard to hold. Only one orgasm is not great for me, but if I can’t hold it, I can’t get off.


I like that the toy has a base that the Limon can sit in to charge, but I will say that I found it a bit…persnickety in terms of it connection to the charger. I find that toys that use magnets to charge, and have a base or cradle for the toy to sit in are often a bit petulant in this regard. It’s not bad but it does make it a problem if you bump the base, or if you don’t set it on the base correctly.


The good thing about this toy is that it’s pretty simple to figure out. Push the button in the center once, and it turns on with three buzzes. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

no, no little bee, this is not a buzzy friend.

After those three little buzzes, you have “free play”, which basically allows you to buzz as you need it. You can squeeze and play and move and meander with this soft, squishy toy. Once you’ve found a pattern that really works for you, you push the center button again, that moves you to a mode that loops whatever pattern you want. For instance, buzz, buzz, rumble. It will repeat, and once you are sure that’s the pattern you want, push the center button again to lock the pattern into place. Buzz, buzz, rumble, buzz, buzz, rumble, buzz, buzz, rumble all day. Unfortunately, if you push that button one more time, you’ve lost your pattern. Sorry kittens.


I will say that this is an excellent toy in terms of vibration. It really doesn’t take much pressure for me to get good vibrations, and despite my use of the magic wand, I found that some of the higher settings were a bit too buzzy for me. I loved using the Limon with a partner, especially if you have a larger body. You don’t need to use much pressure to get good vibrations from it, and it can give a little more reach for clitoral stimulation during various sex positions.  I really love that you can hold the toy in different positions and achieve maximum sensation.

Even in the light, you can see the glowy "on" button.
Even in the light, you can see the glowy “on” button.

I wanted this toy to be wonderful because it’s squishy, and as I said above, I was hoping to rock against the toy while I’m sitting. I thought this toy would be great. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. If you have fleshier labia, this might not be the best toy, regardless of how strong the vibrations are.

If you can squeeze and hold the toy well, this is going to work wonderfully. The technology is really incredible, and the Limon is beautiful. In terms of technology, the company, and form, this toy gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. In terms of function, this toy didn’t work for me, maybe the Minna Ola will do… Or the kGoal (which I’m really into). Anyways! This company is beautiful, the toys are beautiful, and you can pick up one of your very own here.

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy