Holy hell, another year has gone by for me! I’m another year older (in four days, but whatever). This year I made a lot of friends, I’ve gone a lot of places, and I’ve gotten to get a lot of readers! Thank you so much for making my 25th year memorable and wonderful! My party is this weekend (check out my Instagram for photos), and my birthday is on July 14th, so don’t expect to hear too much from me till then! I live tweet my life, and love my instagram photos, so follow me on those!

If you love what I do, what I have to say, or simply want to surprise me with an excellent present, please, donate to my GoFundMe and help me go back to school! Take a look below for some links and photos from my past year!

Hope to see you around for the next one!

Here are some of my favorite posts that I wrote this year:

My Cancer Pt. II, Medical Fat Shaming Could Have Killed Me.
Ten Reasons Why Polyamory Sucks.
Apparently Equality is a Pipe Dream.
Watch Me Give a Blowjob at A Touch of Flavor!
No, Seriously, Tell Me I’m Racist.

Check out the photos of what I’ve been up to as well!