Crave Vesper, AKA A Sexy Secret Handshake

I have been so excited about this review for SO LONG, but first things first! The Fourth of July is happening in the states, which means fireworks, grilled food, and a shit ton of alcohol.

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That being said, please make sure you stay safe this July. Use condoms, wear seatbelts, and call a cab, a friend, or any other ride if you’ve been drinking.. If you’re firing off fireworks, check with your neighbors first to make sure none of them are combat veterans, or on the Autism spectrum. Please be safe and be kind, because I pretty much love you all.

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It is no big secret that I love sex toys (I mean… OBVIOUSLY). I also love being able to easily identify my people. You know what I mean? So when I found out about the Crave Vesper, and saw that I could literally WEAR a sex toy without anyone noticing, I lost my shit. The toy itself was awesome and all, but the idea that I could walk around and see other people wearing the Vesper, or have them see me wearing the Vesper and know that (at the very least) they like sex. It’s like a secret handshake for sex nerds, or sexy people, or anyone who is badass enough to walk around wearing a vibrator around their neck.


Finding my people at Catalyst Con East!
Finding my people at Catalyst Con East!

Now about the company. Crave was founded in 2010 by Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac. They come from absurdly diverse backgrounds. Ti is an industrial designer who focuses on products for women. Michael is an underwater photographer and entrepreneur who manufactured underwater photography equipment. Between someone focusing on women’s products, and waterproof technology, these two are an incredible pair. Their respective fields work well together in creating sex toys.

When I spoke with Ti, I learned that the Crave Vesper is made in China. That gave me a bit of pause as I know that most sex toy companies who order through Chinese factories are not concerned with ethics. However, Crave visits each factory to ensure that the factories are treating their employees well. Ti speaks Mandarin, and does a lot of the translating to make sure the products are legit, and the factories are well run and ethical! The fact that Crave cares enough to make that a reality makes me far more comfortable with the fact that the Vesper is made in China.

Which brings us to the Vesper itself! First things first, the packaging is gorgeous. It comes in a sleek white box, and looks like something you’d find a piece of jewelry in. Which is sort of the point. In the box you receive the Vesper, the charging cord, and a grey pouch to travel in. 20150521_094213
The vesper has 4 settings. Low, Medium, High, and pulsing. It does get warm when it’s used for a long period of time, and is NOT designed to be used internally, so be careful with it! It’s also not waterproof, so leave it out of the shower, hot tub, etc. The vibrations are buzzy and strong, but good gods is it QUIET for what it is. I can let it sit between my labia, or between my legs, and you hardly hear a sound. The Vesper holds a charge for AGES.
Speaking of charging, The top of the vibe comes off and screws on to the charger, much like a vape pen charger. I wish that the charging cord was a bit longer but that’s okay. I love the fact that the charger is USB, and it has its own place in the carrying pouch.
I would say in terms of packaging that the Vesper could do with a carrying pouch that closes a bit better. As it stands now, it’s just got a flap that folds over but doesn’t close entirely, and I’ve definitely had it happen that the Vesper has fallen out of my pouch and into my handbag on more than one occasion.
The only other thing I dislike about this is that while the necklace, body, and head of the toy are all stainless steel (which makes it hella easy to clean), I opted for the rose gold plating. I’m pretty certain that the plating is the reason my skin is stained green when I wear it and sweat. I don’t love that, but it’s pretty easy to disregard it when it’s such a damn pretty toy.
One of the great things about the Vesper is that you can customize it in color (gold, silver, or rose gold), and you can even have it engraved! I was lucky enough to get a swanky engraving on mine.  Another great thing is the fucking price point. The Vesper is only $69 for the absolute basic. It’s beautiful, it looks lovely, and it’s affordable!
If you want to start a revolution you have to be revolutionary.
If you want to start a revolution you have to be revolutionary.

I love this toy. I love wearing it. I love talking about it. I love using it with my Dom in inappropriate places and trying to be quieter than the toy. I love failing. The Crave Vesper is an incredible toy. I love mine and I think you will too, so Get Frisky and get one of your own here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy

EDIT: A prior version of this post spelled Ti Chang incorrectly. It has been updated. Sorry Ti!!


  1. Yep, these are gorgeous and have been on my wishlist for a long time. Good to know about the rose-gold accent. Rose gold contains more copper than regular 14k yellow gold, and copper does oxidize green. I’m wondering if the plating could be pure copper though, and just called a “rose gold” color, because I’ve never had 14k or even 10k rose gold jewelry turn my skin green. (And yes, I don’t see a karat number on their site.)

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