The Magic Wand Rechargeable AKA I Masturbated All Day FOR SCIENCE


Some days, doing this job can get a bit exhausting. It can feel like I don’t make enough, like I don’t know where it’s going. Like I’m not great at it.

Then there’s days like today.

Today, I got to spend my entire day masturbating with my FAVORITE TOY to compare it to it’s newer, sleeker version. I got to listen to some erotic audio that can be so incredibly dirty. I love it. Curious? Check it out here. I know it’s awful, and it’s probably a bit because my partner has an accent, but god there is something about that tumblr that just makes me cum like crazy. There are definitely some things he says on the audio that my partner says to me, but that I don’t have recorded, and it’s just incredible. I fucking love fantasies.


Recently, I received an early birthday present. The new Magic Wand Rechargeable. I wanted to shred the box open and play with it right away, but life got in the way of that. Eventually, I went over to have a deliciously hot scene with my partner, and I finally, FINALLY got the chance to use it. I pulled it out of the box and basked in the glory. In looks, it’s very similar to its predecessor, though it is a bit rounder and longer than the original magic wand.


The original that I have is from 2012. For those of you who don’t know what that means, in 2013 Hitachi decided to cease production, as they didn’t want their brand name associated with a sex toy (rude). Vibratex convinced Hitachi to continue selling the toy, but rebrand it as the “Magic Wand Original” and take away any display of the name Hitachi. My vintage original wand has the Hitachi name on it (#humblebrag). The Hitachi has become the “Cadillac of Vibrators”, and most people have heard of it. There are even attachments so that you can have various kinds of stimulation. Do you want ripples, dots, or just something new and clean? What about something with penetration that gives some lovely g-spot or prostate stimulation? Guess what! YOU CAN HAVE THOSE THINGS. Why you ask? Because the fucking Hitachi is so well known!

After 3 years of use, my Hitachi is looking really beat up. This photo shows a side by side comparison of the two, and I had to use an Instagram filter to make my older Hitachi look slightly less pathetic.

Old Hitachi is old.
Old Hitachi is old.


One of the things I hated most about the Original was the head. It was made of vinyl, and had these ridges in it that were nearly impossible to clean. No amount of soaking, scrubbing, or anything cleaned it after the first time I used it while on my period. Eventually I just got used to the sight, and was trying to wait until I could afford a new head. One of the things that I like about the Rechargeable is the beautiful silicone head. The only trouble I have with it is that I have a hard time getting it off, so you might still want to get a removable cover still. I love how easy it is to clean. Unf.


Look at that sexy silicone head! *purrs*
Look at that sexy silicone head! *purrs*


The Original has two settings, Orgasm and Turbogasm Low and High. Many people have mentioned that it’s a little too strong to start out with, and a lot of people use it over clothes, or over a blanket. The Rechargeable has a hell of a lot more options. There are four speeds. The third speed is comparable to the low speed on the Original and the fourth is comparable to the High. There are also four vibration patterns. Short-Short-Long, Long-Long-Long, Short-Short-Short, Low-High-Low-High. The Rechargeable has a multitude of colored lights under the panel. The changes in vibration are indicated with blue, changes in patterns are indicated with green, when it needs charged or is charging, a red light comes on over the control panel, and when it’s fully charged a green light comes on.

The Rechargeable is easy to use, it works when it plugs into the wall, and it’s amazing because it can travel with you. My partner has a bed that isn’t particularly close to an outlet and so there’s no easy way to play with the Hitachi during scene and sexytimes. So when we played with the Rechargeable, even my partner mentioned that he much preferred it because it was easier for us to play with in various positions.

There are a couple things I dislike about the Rechargeable. The first is that there is no travel lock. I would LOVE to have a travel lock on this. I want to travel with it, but I worry that it will start vibrating in my bag. Not that it’s a problem, but I don’t want to fucking reach my destination and have to charge the thing. The second is that I can’t figure out how to get the silicone head off of it so it can be boiled. The final thing I dislike is that you can’t change the vibration speed on the vibration patterns. You’re stuck with the vibration speeds they give to you. That, for me, isn’t a problem, though I imagine for people who are very sensitive it might be. One of the best things about the Rechargeable is the fact that more people are going to enjoy it with the new low settings. Also it’s quieter than my older one.

In short, I love my Rechargeable, and if your hand touches my new Hitachi, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you. I love this toy, and I think you will too. Pick up one of your own here!

You can't take my toys from me.
You can’t take my toys from me.

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy


  1. I still have my branded Hitachi and its still going strong after 12 years. What I’ve done to vary the speed (I call the two “oh my god” and “oh my fucking god” is I bought a plug in dimmer switch from Ikea and it works great.

    At such a time I am employed again, I will have to add this new one to my collection 🙂

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