The Fuze Ella, AKA: What the Hell Do I Do With This?

You didn’t think I’d forget that May is Masturbation Month did you? I may be at Playa Del Fuego, but I still remembered.

It is very rare for me that I come across a sex toy that I am confused about.  Usually I’m pretty good about identifying exactly what a sex toy is used for. I can identify by the shape and the design of the toy where it’s supposed to go. Usually they’re pretty self explanatory, and when I saw the Fuze Elle, I thought it was no exception. It was a clitoral toy, probably wearable, simple as that. Then I got it in my hands…

Uhm… What exactly do I do with this?

I was really freaking confused at this toy when I held it in my hands. The bottom has rumbly ridges, and the top has squiggly nubs on it. Yes, those ARE technical terms. It also had a hole for a finger, or a vibrator. I wasn’t entirely certain what to do with it once I had it, so I just let my imagination take over. I sat it against my pubic mound and let myself grind against it until it moved against me and molded to my body, and then I came really well and really hard against the Elle. It was delightful.


The best thing to do with this is to do just that. Grind against it. You can also hold it with a finger in the opening, and rub the nubs against your clit. Regardless, grinding against it or rubbing it against your clit is fucking incredible. One of my favorite things about this toy is that it becomes slick and delicious as soon as it gets the tiniest bit of lubrication on it.

Squiggly Nubs, these feel so deliciously good.
Squiggly Nubs, these feel so deliciously good.

I found that my We-Vibe Tango fit pretty well, but if I were wearing it out, I would probably prefer a smaller bullet vibe. The bummer is that I don’t know of a vibe that is in this size that is remote controlled, which means I’m limited by my ability to access the buttons on the vibrator. Harrumph.


The silicone feeling is lovely, and soft. It is incredibly flexible and I love that it is super easy to clean. I have my typical gripe that it picks up lint a fuzz and things, like most silicone, however, unlike most silicone toys, this one is pretty easy to wipe off the lint. The silicone is both shiny and matte velvety. Both of them are soft and comfy and delightful, and I adore just touching the Elle.

Such Lint! So cat hair!

I wish that the Elle came in two different sizes. The smaller one is a bit too small to fit over my pubic mound, and so one that was a little larger to fit comfortably so that I could wear it out in public during some sexy D/s play would be really nice!

One of the best things about the Fuze is that they’re an ethical Canadian company. With all the chaos that’s happening in the sex toy world, I really enjoy working with companies that are ethical in their practices.

Overall I really loved this toy. It’s fun and sexy. It allows the freedom to be comfortably worn in public for stimulation, or have a bullet vibe slipped in for sexy vibrations. I loved the ability to move it and wear it and grind on it. I imagine it would be great to wear in panties with a vibrator and grind against another partner. In fact, I think I’ll give that a go now.

I love the Fuze Elle and I think you will too! Get Frisky and get yours here!