April Showers, Bring May Masturbation Part 1!

Yeah, okay so it doesn’t rhyme. Whatever.

This April I want to talk about some of my Favorites for squirting. I think that squirting doesn’t get talked about enough, and with all the BULLSHIT CONTROVERSY (seriously though, click here for why this is bullshit) I wanted to post up some of my favorites for things that make me squirt (but not pee). I also wanted to do this post during April, because April Showers, and squirting…


So I’m going to bring up some of my newest favorites for squirting, and give you a rundown on the things I keep by my bedside next to the water bottle for when I want to make a big fucking mess.

Which brings me to the first in the delightful queue of things that I don’t want to squirt without.

BEHOLD, the Good Vibrations Rippler Mini.

You’ve definitely seen this darling before, as I used it as my cock in my review for the Spareparts Bella. There was a reason for this. This is my favorite harness compatible dildo right now y’all. 5 1/2″ of sparkly blue rippled silicone.



My first impressions of the Rippler was that it was heavier than I was expecting. It is a solid toy, though it doesn’t necessarily look like it would be heavy, this beastie can pack a punch. The ripples on the toy (for which, I’m assuming, it’s named) are really quite intense to touch, and that’s before it gets inside of you.

There is a hole in the base for a vibrator. Now, that being said it comes with a (surprisingly powerful) vibrator. The vibe it comes with is a small bullet vibe, and is activated with an on-off switch. When I put the vibe into the Rippler though, I felt that the vibes were pretty dull. I opted to use my We-Vibe Tango instead.

This is the face I make when I mistake a vibrator in my pocket for my chapstick.
This is the face I make when I mistake a vibrator in my pocket for my chapstick.

In addition, the opening for the vibe is awesome because it is a bit wider, but I still had a lot of trouble accessing the vibe to get it out (especially with my longer nails), so people who have differing levels of mobility in their hands/fingers may want to opt for a longer vibe instead.


One of the things that I love the most about the Rippler is that the curved head is pretty much designed for my G-spot. It found mine easily and quite well. The ripples were INTENSE. My body responded to them to well, but they did get overwhelming after a bit. I imagine a lot of people who are sensitive to sensation in their vagina (or anus, or mouth!) might not love the ripples because they’re super intense.

Why yes, that is cum on the Rippler. *rawr*


The one thing I don’t love is the one thing I’m not entirely sure how to fix. I find that unless they’re glass or metal, dildos tend to be sticky material. Even if they’re not. This one is a little stickier than most. This is frustrating to me, I have a cat, a dog, and long hair… I don’t adore when my hair gets stuck on my toys, and having to clean them immediately before use (even if I used them the night before) because they have attracted lint and hair sorta sucks. I would love a dirt, lint, and hair repelling material that is also soft.

Beyond that, the Rippler Mini has taken up its spot in my bag of sex toys for when I’m looking to squirt. It’s a delicious little toy and I look forward to enjoying it myself, and with a harness (and a friend!). If we can get the creative minds of sex toy creation to get on a soft silicone toy that doesn’t get sticky though, I’ll be the first in line.

I love this dildo and I think you will too! The Pleasureworks Rippler Mini gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. A special thanks to Good Vibes for giving me one in exchange for an honest review! Get frisky and get yours here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy