Get Frisky For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming and for some of us that means we get to snuggle up closer to our partners, for others, it means we get to flirt with someone new or treat ourselves.

Regardless of what your plans are for romance or sex on Valentine’s Day, here are some stunning options for how to treat yourself or a partner to some excellent care. I’ve curated this list of items you haven’t seen before, but don’t worry, full reviews are COMING SOON. Make sure you pick up some of these stunners at some of my favorite shops!

So have a happy Valentine’s day, and I’ll see you in the grocery store on the 15th for that sweet, sweet, reduced price chocolate.

For the bookworm who wants to get in touch with their personal side

Sex and Cupcakes by Rachel Kramer Bussel is the kind of book that you curl up with on the couch when you’re eating your overpriced (or 75% off) Valentine’s day candy. It’s the hot chocolate in the window while the snow is falling book. It’s the big comfy armchair in front of the fire sort of book. It is raw, and personal, and kind. It’s heartfelt, and it’s the kind of book that wants to make you be best friends with Rachel herself.

Sex & Cupcakes? More like Sexy, and omg please share those cupcakes...they look delicious.
Sex & Cupcakes? More like Sexy, and omg please share those cupcakes…they look delicious.

For someone who wants to look sexy and fiercely sensual.

The Spareparts Bella provides equal parts sensual lace and divine sex appeal in the appearance of a delightful harness. The quality is incredible and it fits firmly and comfortably on your body all the while making you feel like a fucking dildo wielding deity while you wear it.  It features a sexy, flat front with bows on the hips and a coy keyhole in the lacy back to show off that sexy space on the back of the booty, with a cut that makes your ass look freaking glorious. Goes to a size 5x (I had the 5x and I have 60″ hips) and THIS IS NOT A DRILL, it also features REMOVABLE GARTERS.

What a sexy, sexy harness!
What a sexy, sexy harness!

For the wielder, wearer, or user of dildos.

I am highly recommending the Fuze Rebel. It’s straight, but not *too* straight. Thin but not *too* thin, and pushes against my cervix in a way that left me curled up on my bed in a puddle of goo. As an added bonus, the hole that exists to (I think) house a small vibrator can also be used to hold and maneuver it easier if you’re a fat bodied person who has issues reaching long spans, or are unable to grasp toys by their base. Not to mention it’s excellent for strap-on play, or solo play, and the location of the vibrator in the toy is great for grinding against and stimulating all sorts of things!

Check out this beauty. In my review I'm going to talk about the amazing that is this base.
Check out this beauty. In my review I’m going to talk about the amazing that is this base.

For the solo, or partnered sensation craver

When I first looked at, and then subsequently received the Fuze Ella, I had literally no idea what the fuck I was supposed to do with it. Was I supposed to grind on it? Was I supposed to scissor with another person? Was I supposed to use it as a brush? WHAT DO? Well, the answer is yes. To all of the things. This little fucker is the coolest multifunctional toy I’ve seen in a while. The ribbing and edges and little nibs rub against your body and can be used for sweet sensations. I think mine is going to find it’s home against my clit when I’m wearing a strap on so I can grind against it while I’m fucking someone else 😀

Looks almost like a SUPER BABY SYBIAN.... well, when you add the We-Vibe Tango, it basically is.
Looks almost like a SUPER BABY SYBIAN…. well, when you add the We-Vibe Tango, it basically is.

For the betterment of communication in the polycule

More Than Two by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert is the book that you give to your best friend who doesn’t “really understand what this whole polyamory thing is about”. It’s the book that you make notes in, and highlight pages and wave around all your new-found knowledge to your friends. More Than Two is the self (and group) help book you pick up that actually changes your life for the better.

More Than Two is the book that has taken me the longest to read, but is also the most helpful.
More Than Two is the book that has taken me the longest to read, but is also the most helpful.

For the kittens, and kinksters, and other fur loving friends

Which brings me to my very last Valentine’s Day Recommendation. If you’ve ever wanted to feel sexy, but also be naked, this is what you’re looking for. The Crystal Minx tails are incredible. I do not go out of my way to search for real fur things, but I really like the tails, and I love how Crystal Minx handles the problem of using fur. They use refuse parts from other companies that make fur, and portions of their proceeds go to animal charities. There are also faux fur options available. My favorite thing about wearing a tail, is that even when I’m by myself and I pop the fluffy little bugger in, it brushes against the back of my legs softly like a partner stroking me, and sends chills up my spine.

I have the Canadian Red Fox, but The Arctic Marble makes my heart melt.
I have the Canadian Red Fox, but The Arctic Marble makes my heart melt.


So I recommend that instead of telling a Valentine we love them this year, we buy something for ourselves, send ourselves a card, and get ourselves off. Make sure you tell yourself that you love yourself.

Visit AllyElleCards on Etsy for the funniest fucking cards to tell yourself you love yourself.

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy


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  1. Hi — cute post! Now, how soon will you have a full review up on that Fuze Rebel? I’ve been eying it for some time now. And the “Fuze 10” silicone — how much softer is it than their standard? Is it, say, like the difference between Tantus’ original Feeldoe and pretty much all of their newer silicone (the pearly stuff)? Or does it approach their O2 or Vixen’s VixSkin?

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