The Liberator Wedge (Plus Size)

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I’ve played around with a liberator ramp before in person, but I found it super squishy and not really designed for plus sized bodies. I found that I got very little lift to it, because of my copious (and fabulous) ass. I also noticed that once it got warmed up because of body heat, it’d squish a bit too much for my liking. So when I learned Liberator now carried a plus size line, designed for bigger bodies, I was cautiously optimistic about it. The lovely folks at Liberator sent me a Plus Size Wedge to test out and review for you, and I am about to review the shit out of it.

First things first, The Plus Size Wedge measures 14″Long, 30″ Wide, and 7″ High. There’s an incline of 27°. The only difference between the Original Wedge and the Plus Size Wedge (Henceforth called PSW) is 6″ of width. Those inches are mandatory for the distribution of weight. A quick note, the PSW is $15 more, but frankly, it’s super worth it.

This is the most LUSCIOUS fucking blue
This is the most LUSCIOUS fucking blue

I’d like to tell you that for the first week of having the Wedge, I used it for sex purposes. I’d like to tell you that the first week was spent easily twisted into various positions that I’d never really gotten to comfortably move into before.

Unfortunately, that would be a lie.

The first week of having the Wedge, I used it primarily to help me stay propped up in bed while I was sleeping and fighting off a particularly nasty respiratory infection. If you’re a person who needs to have a good pillow for medical purposes, get one. Seriously. It was amazingly useful for the sitting up, and I am kicking myself for not having one when I was dealing with my lung debacle. The wedge was just the right size for propping up under your back to help you sit up, and it’ll be great if you don’t have a place for it to toss on the couch or the floor for video games!

Snuggled up with the puppy after a long night of taking photos!
Snuggled up with the puppy after a long night of taking photos!

Once I finally got around to feeling better and enjoying the sex with my PSW, I was actually far more impressed than I thought I’d be. I requested the Microfiber cover in Sapphire. It’s a bit of a darker blue than it looks on the website but it’s not bad. I do have to talk about the microfiber cover. I have super, super sensitive skin, so the Microfiber actually felt a bit coarse for me, but it softened up once I snuggled with it a bit.

Between my partner and I, the PSW was supporting a weight of ~540lbs really well. Having the pillow beneath my hips was nice, but not super useful for me, I imagine that when I opt for the ramp, I’ll get one of the ones with a bigger angle to it. The PSW was excellent for putting under my chest to keep my chest elevated during sex and helping me to arch my arms behind my back.

So helpful for keeping your chest propped up!
So helpful for keeping your chest propped up!

For those of you into rope bondage, I highly recommend these, as they help you get into a position to move your weigh around so that you can better flex and hold positions while you’re being tied. It’s very comfortable and really quite helpful for just that tiny bit of extra support.

I have to say that I’m probably going to be spending the extra $65 to get the black label conversion kit (and thus be able to be bound to the pillow), as I found that I had a bit of trouble with it slipping and sliding during the rougher, more forceful thrusts. That could have just been it sliding against my sheets though.

I am a little obsessed with this pillow, I’m probably going to get a second wedge and a ramp, and hopefully the throe (If you feel like donating to the cause, please, contact me).

Extra comfy! Extra soft!
Extra comfy! Extra soft!


I love this pillow and I think you will too! The Liberator Wedge (Plus Size) gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. Get frisky and get yours here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy

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