Love Is Art Kit

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So sorry that I didn’t post on Tuesday or Thursday, but I have been super sick. No really! I swear! I can get a doctors note if you want?


Okay then, I’ll give you this post today, because I love you. So I had been excited to review the love is art kit for some time, so when they sent me the Shades of Grey art kit to review, I was pretty freaking excited. I found a partner willing to get disgustingly covered in paint with me, and we set a date.

The kit came with one plastic drop cloth, one piece of canvas, a black and white bottle of paint, two sets of booties,  a massage oil, a body wash, a loofah, and a blindfold. They sent me the canvas stretcher bars, but you can buy them on the site or do it yourself.

The clean, unpainted art kit.
The clean, unpainted art kit.

Definitely make sure that you put down that drop cloth in an area where you have lots of room. Sex on a bed is a bit complicated with this, so make sure that you’re doing it on the floor. If you decide to try it on a bed, be cautious of the canvas getting wrinkled underneath you.

In the kit, they recommend that you splatter paint (in splotches, not lines) before having sex. We did some of that, and then blatantly ignored that and made lines. I wasn’t a fan at first, but I noticed it was easier to move the paint in the lines. The splotches dry up super, super quickly. You may find that it’s hard to get around to have sex all on the paint before it dries, so keep that in mind. They also recommend that you get things started before getting on the canvas, and I highly recommend that as well.

The entire experience was… weird. First off, having sex covered in paint is not as sexy as you’d think it is. It’s actually quite complicated. We ended up with paint in places I don’t even think we knew we had. There are some tips that I’m gonna share for you, so that you don’t do the same thing I do.

My partner and I, covered in paint and super thrilled about it.
My partner and I, covered in paint and super thrilled about it.

We covered ourselves in paint as well as the canvas (which is not suggested) and have I got some very important tips for you. First off, GLOVES. I wish that the Love is Art kit contained a couple sets of gloves. I honestly think that adding 2-4 sets of gloves to each kit would be ideal. They recommend getting things started before getting on the canvas, and that’s great, except that for those who use condoms, you end up with your hands covered in paint, and then paint on the condom and then there’s paint inside of you and you’re like “OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE?”

Next up, if you’re not using gloves, get things started, then start having sex, and then reach for the paint. Otherwise, you’re going to have a bit of a bad time. Also, make sure that you’re aiming the paint properly. A good washing will get the paint out, but I was very worried that I was going to lose one of my favorite dresses to a splotch of white paint on the hem.

I was also worried about how a fat body would do on the canvas, but it actually wasn’t as terrifying as I’d thought. Once we got past the initial awkwardness we had quite a bit of fun. I’d do it again (with gloves), I don’t think my partner would though. It was way sillier than it was sexy, and that was sort of a bummer.

The aftermath. The Uruk-hai sex position, when you're having sex covered in pain, and you scream "for sauron!" and slap your partner in the face, leaving a big Urul-hai handprint.
The aftermath. The Uruk-hai sex position, when you’re having sex covered in pain, and you scream “for sauron!” and slap your partner in the face, leaving a big Uruk-hai handprint.

Once the paint dries, it’s actually not so bad, though it’s a bitch to get off. It’s non-toxic, thank goodness, but a bitch to get off, and there’s not nearly enough body wash for fat people like me. I used my own, and I found that my Lush Dark Angels was actually much better at cleaning it off than anything else. Use something exfoliating or it’s going to lodge itself in your pores like the worst blackheads you’ve ever had.

If you’re painting yourself, get yourself some damn gloves, and make sure you keep the paint away from the genitals. Nothing screams sexy like curling up after sex, looking your love in the face and saying “Darling, can you help me get the paint out of my vagina later?”. In other news, the vagina is a self cleaning organ and I was grey paint free in under 2 days, with nary a yeast infection to be found. Still, I don’t recommend it, because it’s a bit frightening to see.

My partner, lovingly stretching the canvas for me!
My partner, lovingly stretching the canvas for me!

After cleaning up and letting the masterpiece dry (it’s acrylic paint, so it doesn’t take long to dry), you can stretch it and prep it for hanging. You can get the stretcher bars for it, and then using a staple gun, stretch it well. Unfortunately, the canvas is actually quite a bit larger than the stretcher bars, so we had to cut off some of the excess. Fortunately, my lovely partner does this sort of thing all the time, so I just got to sit back and bring him tools and beer while he worked and I watched cartoons.

I’m a lucky girl.

But hey, the final product is stunning and I rather love it.

The final product, hanging above my bed!
The final product, hanging above my bed!

I love this kit and I think you will too! The Love Is Art Kit gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. Get frisky and get yours here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy