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It is holiday review time! I’m going to compile 4 reviews of 4 new (or new to me!) products that you might love! Welcome to day 3: The Pocket Dungeon, for the sexplorer* in your life!

*That was really bad. I’m sorry. Please forgive me for my punning.


If I could have one thing, It would be a small sized bag of holding that could easily store and organize all of my sex toys and not be super heavy. I currently use a super sweet toolbag with a billion pockets, and I love it. But still, it’s not really as portable as I’d like.

So, when I heard about this swanky thing called the Pocket Dungeon I was super excited. A portable kit that includes all the basics for whatever scenes I could enjoy should be awesome and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

The Entirety of the Pocket Dungeon kit
The Entirety of the Pocket Dungeon kit

So! Included in the Pocket dungeon we have:

  • Cane- Stainless steel hollow cane (not designed for impact when fully extended)
  • Crop, whip, and leather, and chain flogger attachments
  • Kubaton- also includes removable blade.
  • Knife- insides the head of the kubaton, arrives dull, can be sharpened.
  • Cotter cuffs (adjustable)- made of leather
  • Nipple clamps- Tweezer clamps
  • Door Jams- Made of leather and really cool for throwing over a door with the light bombers.
  • Padlocks/weights
  • Claws
  • Light bombers- Flashlights and dowels for the door jams!
  • Rope- 24 ft of coreless rope (I believe it’s paracord).
  • Blindfold- blackout blindfold with foam spaces to allow for open eyes.
  • Booklet with operational instructions.

Here’s an entire video on the unboxing!

Before we get into the rest of the review, there’s an entire page of videos that covers how to use each and every item in the kit. I’ve been fucking around with these things for a few years now, and even I needed to use the video page. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Click here for the video page.

So, there are some cool things I like, some things I’m not sure of, and some things I don’t love at all.

Things I like:

I love how wonderful the case is made. Ming told me that she basically puts these all together by hand and you can definitely tell. There is a lot of love in this kit, and a lot of energy and emotion as well. I totally respect that, and I’m glad that someone is creating toys that have that made with love feel. I love the door jams. They are freaking incredible. I’m serious, they’re so cool. The light bombers are flashlights, could also be nipple weights, could also be the door jam dowels. They’re really useful that way, and I definitely used the flashlights a few times to find things in the dark.

I was a pretty big fan of the wrist restraints. I loved how adjustable they were, and they were well able to wrap around both my wrists and my ankles, so those of us who are larger aren’t going to have much issue. I tend to prefer the few pairs that I have that have a bit of padding in them, but for an occasional travel kit these are great.

I really enjoyed the claws. I thought they would be awesome for electrical play, and I had hoped to get to play around with them more, but I didn’t have anyone who liked receiving electricity. I prefer ones that are a bit scratchier, a bit sharper, but I can see the appeal in these for simplicity, and also for travel.

A few other things I love. The blindfold is fucking phenomenal. I have really long lashes, and I’m always the person who tries to open their eyes under the blindfold so this was really great for me. There’s foam around the eyes to black out light, while also leaving a divet for your eyes to open, close, or if you have long lashes etc. I wish it was slightly more flexible, but I don’t doubt that it would get more flexible with use. The nipple clamps are great, and relatively simple. Finally, I’m a fan of the chain flogger as a teaser, or even a whip (for the masochists out there), however, I have some concerns with it.

Which leads me to things I’m not sure of:

The leather flogger, whip and crop attachements are such an excellent concept. I love the idea that you can add these attachments to a baton that changes in length depending on how you need it. The problem I found was that I had a really hard time getting them on all the way, and when they weren’t on all the way they looked a bit insubstantial, and sure enough, after a bit of force behind it, I noticed the flogger attachment had almost slid off. If you’ve got any limited ability in your hands it can be hard to work them on and off. The rope, which again, I’m pretty sure is paracord with the center cord removed isn’t necessarily ideal, but it does work in a pinch. I’m not a huge fan of it and I wish there was some different rope that was included, but this wasn’t bad.

Things I don’t love:

The cane is really quite dangerous if you don’t know how to use it. I don’t know how else to put that. It’s rated for light to medium use, but that includes for the floggers. Also, you can’t extend it all the way when striking or it could break. These aren’t terrible things, but they can be slightly dangerous. I’m not sure if there is a better way to have done it, but this was a little worrisome for me.

I’m also not a huge fan of the lack of safety scissors. I know that the knife can be sharpened for emergencies, but I also know that even with a sharp knife, getting out of rope quickly could be problematic. In addition, the idea of trying to get someone out of rope in an emergency and accidentally cutting them would be HORRIFYING to me. I’d prefer a pair of safety scissors just in case, and there is definitely room for them in the smaller case that houses the blindfold and flogger attachments.


I have to say that overall I’m not sure who this kit is really for. There are items here that I wouldn’t really entrust to beginners for safety levels, but those items wouldn’t stand up to the kind of play that most intermediate/advanced players would find attractive. I know that they were running on limited funds, being part of a kickstarter and all, and I am so pleased with what they had come up with, but I’m not sure that the execution was everything I’d hoped it would be. In honesty, I’d recommend this for an intermediate-advanced kinkster who has worked with other peoples instruments before, but cannot afford to shell out for each individual piece right now, and would like to have things of their own for practicing.

I wish that instead of there having been an entire kit created with everything in place, it was a kit that you could customize yourself sold separately. Like for instance, you could buy the case itself, and then choose from 3 whips or floggers to have. When you bought that flogger, it came with the attachment for storage in the case. This way, you could customize the items you want, buy the case if you wanted, or just have the instrument you preferred.

Overall, I loved the case as a whole, but then again, I’m an intermediate-advanced kinkster who has worked with many of these instruments before from other people, but doesn’t really have the money to build a kit from scratch. Your mileage may vary.

I can’t say that I love the Pocket Dungeon 100%, but I certainly don’t hate it. I think there are some really excellent things, and some things that could’ve been done better (and possibly will be in future versions). However, the Pocket Dungeon gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval with regard to how it could be used for intermediate players. Get frisky and get yours here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy