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It is holiday review time! I’m going to compile 4 reviews of 4 new (or new to me!) products that you might love! Kicking off day 1, is the Penthouse Variations on Oral Sex for your erotica fiends. 

As I’ve mentioned before I’m pretty jaded when it comes to erotica. I’m super picky, and not much gets me off. So much of the time, about halfway through whatever erotica book I’m reading, I either give up, read it for enjoyment, or resort to being snarky. I could have a conversation on how sexism in erotica is simply laziness, and that oral sex is not just for heterosexuals, but instead, I will simply say that Penthouse Variations on Oral Sex was not a book that did it for me.

I’m not a big fan of oral sex erotica in general, and I prefer erotica that has a bit more variation in people and locations.  If you do like oral, and you prefer your couples to be hetero, this might be a book you enjoy!


We’re going to play a game of pretend, and in this game, we’re going to pretend that I’m a heterosexual cis female(half right), and that I typically enjoy oral sex erotica!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I received this book. I know that I’ve never really been disappointed by a book from Cleis Press, but I’m not an expert on Penthouse. I know that some of their stuff is raunchy, and problematic, but I’ve also known some erotica to be pretty amazing even if it is in an anthology with some other problematic things. This book is problematic in that the diversity was nonexistent. Everyone was white and beautiful and straight. HARRUMPH.

The good thing is that once you get past the lack of diversity, the stories were super varied in terms of the setting and location. There were stories that included more dominating women, and more submissive men. There was some anal play, and some variation on storyline in terms of tone and narrator. There were definitely a couple stories that I enjoyed, most of which written from a female perspective. “Exquisite Tastes” by Tammy Smalls was a delightfully written story that seems to be rather friendly in terms of discussing a woman who is excited about giving oral sex, and her boyfriend who is just as excited about eating her out.

Don’t let me shy you away from this book. If you’re into cis men giving head to cis women and cis women giving head to cis men, I am pretty certain you’ll enjoy this book. Also, if you’re one of my male readers (and I know you’re out there!) and you’re looking to get into the moment and looking for some hetero inspiration then look no further!

Enjoy a deliciously sexy passage from Penthouse Variations on Oral Sex, and be sure to enter the first of The Frisky Fairy Holiday Giveaways for your copy at the bottom (or pick up a copy of your own here)!

Lickety-Split by Alison Tyler

When we got to his apartment, Zach gave in. As soon as the door was shut behind us, he stripped and pushed me to my knees. I gave him head like a pro. I licked the tip of his cock, then slowly began to work my way down the shaft. I wondered how much teasing Zach could take. At the beginning, he simply leaned against the wall and let me work him at my own speed. I was interested to see if I could make him lose his cool. I mouthed the head of his cock and then began to suck on the knob. I indented my cheeks and really focused my attention on the first inch.
But after all that torture, Zach had reached his limits. He couldn’t wait, and in a flash I understood why he hadn’t wanted to go for it at work. Zach was unable to stay quiet. He gripped me and began to fuck my face, and as I sucked him, he moaned loudly. “Oh, baby,” he groaned. “Your mouth is so warm. I can’t believe this is happening. Finally. I’ve fantasized about this moment for so long.”
He got louder and more explicit as I sucked him. I would never have guessed how dirty he was. He described the different images he’d jacked off to over the previous two months. “I wanted to have you suck me, and then jerk off all over your body. Then I thought about putting you up on the counter at work, spreading your legs and licking you to climax right there, where anyone could see.” I rolled with the change of pace, flicking my tongue against the slit in the head of his cock before striving to deep-throat him. He never stopped talking, and I felt myself growing wetter at his words. He was turning us both on, and in seconds, I was drinking his cream, relishing every drop. He didn’t stop talking even then, praising me for how I’d made him feel, telling me that heaven had nothing on my mouth.
“I had to get that out of the way,” Zach said, “so I could take my time with you.” We headed to his bedroom, where I stripped out of my clothes as fast as I could. We seemed to have the same idea. Sixty- nine was the number on both of our minds. Zach was on the bottom, and I climbed on top, and this time I got the chance to show off my oral expertise. I moved back and forth between bobbing on his rejuvenated dick and pushing forward so I could get in there and lick his balls. Zach spread me open with his hands and twirled his tongue around my clit.
“I wanted to eat you out that very first day,” he said, when he came up for air.

“Yeah?” I was short of breath.
“You were wearing that little orange sundress, but it was so hot that day. You know, the first sweltering day of summer. The fabric stuck to you, and I wanted to peel it up and sink to my knees, wanted to see if you were wearing panties under the dress.”
“And if I was?”
“If you were, I was going to eat you through them, suck on the front part until it was wet from you and wet from my mouth. Only when you were begging would I have pulled your panties down and given you the first feel of my tongue.”
“And if I wasn’t?”
“I didn’t think you were. The panty lines would have shown, wouldn’t they? So if you weren’t, I was going to give you a spanking for being so naughty as to show up on the first day of work without knickers. And then I was going to eat your pussy until you came and then eat your asshole until you came again.”
“Oh fuck,” I sighed blissfully. “Oh god, Zach.”
I had my lips around his cock once more, and I ground my cunt against his mouth, not so much to stop him from talking, but to get off on his words in a literal sense. It didn’t really matter what he was saying now. He could have been reciting our special drinks: Shot in the Dark, Americano, Cappuccino, Black Eye, Black Tie, Zebra Mocha, Macchiato… The feel of those words against my most tender skin was what ultimately did me in. I came with an unexpected inten- sity, and my uncontrollable moans around his cock brought him to his own finish line. He climaxed a second after me, and I managed to drain him once more.


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