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So… Foria. We heard a lot about it here for a few weeks, and I had been chomping at the freaking bit to try this stuff. It’s no secret that I’m very pro-legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, and hearing about a THC lubricant made my heart all atwitter! I am serious, I was completely stoked to be able to try a sample of this awesome, awesome stuff.

So once I received a sample, I got into the good stuff. Foria is basically two ingredients: coconut oil and THC oil. I’ve been told one “serving” has the THC content of an edible, but I’ve yet to test that theory. I knew I needed to have my partner try this lube with me for penetration, and also for oral, which meant finding one of my partners who would be willing to ingest THC. Lucky for me, I have a couple of those šŸ˜› So without further ado, the review.

Why yes, yes I am.
Why yes Gene, yes I am.

The Good

This lube is actually pretty great in a number of ways. It’s rather thin, so if you like thick lubes you may want to try elsewhere. It doesn’t have a super pungent pot smell to it, and it feels great on your fingers. For me it took about 15 minutes for the sensation to kick on, but it may be sooner or even later for you. It can take up to 45 minutes to kick in. For me I noticed a sort of buzzing warm sensation rolling through me. It was pretty comparable to sitting in a room when someone starts a fire, and feeling the heat roll over your skin as it moves through the room. The warmth was delightful and increased sensation, though not by very much for me.

As far as oral taste and such, my partner mentioned that the taste was nice, and not too strong. He also mentioned that “any highs I had were minor enough that I can’t rule out the possibility that it was all in my head”. My experience using the Foria for oral were very similar. After about 10-15 minutes or so I noticed I was feeling fuzzy and warm, but I couldn’t tell if I was just super turned on by my partner, or a little high. I don’t loveĀ the taste, but I can’t say that I hated it either. It was pretty neutral.

I think the most noticeable part for me was how freaking relaxed I felt. My body was warm and happy and I was able to enjoy the sensations with a nice body buzz, but not feel really stoned. I honestly believe this is couldĀ be a total game changer for people with vulvodynia or vaginismus, or anyone who experiences pain or discomfort during sex. Also, the Ā packaging is discreet as fuck, and absolutely gorgeous (but don’t drop it on your foot… that hurts).

A big bottle for The Frisky Fairy!
A big bottle for The Frisky Fairy!

The Bad

So, I never really advocate for using oil based lubricants internally, as there is some evidence that they can assist in causing yeast infections and UTIs. I’m super sensitive to it, and can end up with a yeast infection at the drop of a hat. I wish this lube had been made with silicone, but the coconut oil didn’t cause any particular issues for me, so that’s pretty great! Your mileage may vary of course.

Due to how thin the lube is, I don’t really think it’s great for anal, so you may want to stick with manual stimulation or oral with this one. **Please see edit at the bottom of the post**

In addition, I’m a little bummed that this is an oil, because using it with latex condoms becomes an issue. I ended up having Bobby use Foria externally mostly, minus trying it internally a bit, but we had to switch to a different lube for penetration, because condoms.

Discreet as Fuck
Discreet as Fuck

The worst

For me the worst part about this is that it’s not easily available. There is talk about it being more accessible for people, but until marijuana usage laws change, it’s likely that we won’t see Foria on sale for many people for quite a long time. I see how incredibly useful it could be for a wide swath of people, and I wish that we could get moving with legalization.

Foria is currently available only to California residents with a valid physician’s recommendation letter.

I love this lubeĀ and IĀ thinkĀ you will too!Ā ForiaĀ gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. If you’re in the state of California with a valid physician’s recommendation letter, get frisky andĀ get yoursĀ here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy


I was informed below by the wonderful Ashley Manta (who if you don’t know, you should. Start here) that Foria, while referred to as a cannabis lube is more of like a pre-lube, and not a standalone. It is suggested to apply 30 minutes before sexual encounter and then use your favorite water based or silicone to get frisky!



  1. Great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Just wanted to toss in (after working with Mathew, the creator of Foria) that although everyone – including me – refers to Foria as “cannabis lube,” it’s not entirely accurate. When they created it, the intention was for it to be a pre-lube in preparation of sexual activity, not a standalone lube. Because the formula is so thin, and because they suggest applying it 30 minutes before a sexual encounter, it tends to absorb into the tissue in a way that doesn’t make it super helpful as lube. I like to spray it on about 30 minutes in advance and then when I’m ready for sexy time, add my favorite water-based or silicone lube to make things nice and slippery.

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    Thanks for letting me know! I updated it to reflect that info, for those who don’t read the comments šŸ™‚

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