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I was so, So, SO excited to get a set of the BONDaids to review. I’ve seen them everywhere, they’re super luscious, and I was desperate for them.

So I got them in the mail and received two things. The first was the BONDaids handcuffs, the second were the Double Cuff Restraints.

The Bondaids! The top is the handcuff, the bottom two are the cuffs with straps
The Bondaids! The top is the handcuff, the bottom two are the cuffs with straps

I have to say, they are awesome. Super luscious, really luxurious, so soft. Looking at them it becomes the question of “how the hell do these work?”. The video for how the cuffs work is below.

Attaching the BONDaids Double Cuff Restraint from BONDaids on Vimeo.

So now to the fun part of the review!

I had my partner help me with the photos, not because I couldn’t get into and out of the cuffs by myself, but more because I couldn’t do that and also take photos. So I slipped into the handcuffs, and immediately notices that I could pull against them very hard without my wrists beginning to hurt. I have had so many issues with cuffs in the past that make my bones hurt, these did not.

The handcuffs are amazing for handcuffs, and also a gag.
The handcuffs are amazing for handcuffs, and also a gag.

I also loved the fact that these cuffs are good for a couple really cool things. The first, is that you can use it as a bit of a gag to bite down on. The fuzzy feel is soft to bite into, and helps muffle sounds if you’re a bit of a screamer. The next is that they’re stretchy and can help for someone who likes having their arms behind their back, but it’s not really comfortable for them. I also love that these make it easy to hold someone’s arms above their head. Finally, I LOVE how easy it is to get into and out of the cuffs on your own.

As far as the double cuffs, I don’t love these as much, but there’s only a couple reasons why. The first is that they can be damaged when pulled on. I definitely pulled against them quite hard and heard some popping sounds. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the loose threads, but just be cautious that these are not necessarily designed for heavy play. The second is that the straps and loops are not that easy to use. I *personally* would much prefer something I could tie or make into a loop, but I’m not sure that is even possible.

Apple Bottom jeans and the cuffs with the straps... oh wait...
Apple Bottom jeans and the cuffs with the straps… oh wait…

Finally, the packaging is gorgeous, but the bags are a bit tricky to use. The bags are drawstring satin bags, and I loooooove them. I use them for travelling with jewelry, but not for storing my cuffs. I wish there was a different packaging option for them.

Beyond that, I absolutely adore these cuffs. I highly recommend them for beginner/intermediate bondage, or for anyone who wants things to be a bit more luxe. I also love them for people who prefer a bit heavier bondage, but with the aesthetic of furry handcuffs.

I love these and I think you will too! BONDaids get the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. Get frisky (and use code: frisky for $5 off) and get yours here!

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