The Frisky Fairy Celebrates! Two Years Cancer Free!

Autumn is my favorite season.

The leaves look so pretty, and the weather is cool and comfy. I love the way things smell as it starts to be the holiday season, and I love how people are thinking more of how grateful the are for the people and things in their lives.

This is, of course, not to say you shouldn’t be grateful all the time, but simply that in the time of holidays and traveling and presents and a whole holiday dedicated to being #thankful and #blessed, it’s this time of year that people really stop and reflect on the good things they have in their life.

So I would like to tell you about some people I’m really thankful for.

Dr. Desai, who was the first doctor to realize that something was actually wrong with an otherwise healthy 23 year old who couldn’t breathe.

Dr. Herscowitz, who was the first specialist I saw about my lung, and was incurably optimistic.

Dr. Khandhar, who removed the organ that was trying to kill me, and doing it all through a tiny, tiny incision.

Drs. Macewen, Davies, Brunn, Nissen, Graham, Singer, Churchill, and Belsey for their contribution to science that saved my life.

These people, along with countless other nurses, physicians, techs, and loved ones are the reason I’m writing this blog to you. Two years after having a lung removed, still healthy and happy and able to love. Still singing and moving, and having fun. These people are the reason I’ve got enough energy to write this blog, speak at events, and do the job that I love. I am eternally indebted to them.

However, I’m not just thankful to them, because someone at some point gave them the idea to go into their fields. Someone encouraged them to do this. I’m thankful for my care team, but I’m also incredibly, irrevocably, resoundingly grateful to the people who encouraged my care team to do what they do every day. Every teacher, parent, sibling, friend, or lover, who motivated them to join a career in science and medicine, I am thankful to you.

So people, when someone seems like they may have an aptitude for science, encourage them, because, at the end of the day you could help someone save a life!

I’m one day early, but here’s to another year cancer free! November 5th, 2015… Here I come!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy

I am the Frisky Fairy, also known as Rebecca Hiles! I have been passionate about sex education for as long as I can remember. I have been working in the sex toy industry since 2009, and I hail from Pittsburgh originally. I am the Sexual Health and Wellness Education coordinator for Lotus Blooms in Alexandria, VA. I am certified as a sex educator through the Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts Sexuality Education Certification Series. I am a polyamorous cancer survivor, and I enjoy talking about my experiences. You can read some of my writing on I started this blog because of my passion for sex and sex education. I work as a sex educator, teaching workshops on a variety of topics, but sometimes I really want to go in depth on a specific topic that I really enjoy. Thus, the Frisky Fairy blog was born! From reviews of my favorite toys, books, blogs, conferences, and more to discussions on my favorite sex and sex education topics, this will give you a look at what I base my workshops on! This is an education based blog after all and I hope that every time you leave, you feel like ’you've learned something new! I welcome feedback. If you enjoyed something, or disagree with something, please feel free to leave a comment! You can also email me at, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or my Tumblr! Please note that harassment, threats, intimidation, repeated annoying and unwanted contact or attention, and repeated personal attacks are not allowed. Please be polite!

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