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So in the interest of keeping things balanced, I wanted to make sure that I included some other lubricant options for those who are allergic to silicone, use silicone toys, or simply don’t like the feeling of silicone. I have found another option!

Southern Butter has a line of lubricants that are rather interesting. I received a sample from them to try

Look at the baby travel sizes!
Look at the baby travel sizes!

The first lubricant was called Bliss On Water Based Lubricant. It’s a water based lubricant and this particular “flavor” is peppermint & ginseng. I tasted it, and it did not taste like peppermint, though on my tongue it had a minty tingle. I did not feel any tingle using it vaginally or anally, but I’d still opt for the fragrance free. I loved how thick this lubricant is. I was able to pump it onto my toys and have it stick to the toy and not to the bottle. I really loved how slick this toy was, and how it was definitely slick. One of the things I often dislike about water based lubricants is how they get sticky as you use them, or that they get sticky after use as they dry a bit. I didn’t have this problem with the Southern butter at all. In fact, I was able to use the lube to have sex after I had showered, and then go about my day without any discomfort at all! If you aren’t a fan of thick lubricants, I will say that this is not the lube for you. It is rather thick, and could probably be odd to someone who prefers thinner lubricants.

I’ll have to state this for the record, I have always hated oil based lubricant. I typically find it slimy, I can’t use it with condoms, which means I cannot use it with most of my partners, and oils can block the pores inside the vaginal canal and can cause yeast infections. I’m one of those people who is pretty susceptible to yeast infections, so I tend to stay far, far away.

That being said, while I was on vacation I found myself in the middle of the woods without any lube that was paraben, glycerin, and petrol chemical free… but I had this little tin of  Do It Naturally Lubricant and Body Butter in Sandalwood and Cinnamon, and a little bit of a yeast infection already. Super sad I know. I used the lube for a bit of solo time, and then a bit of time for my partner. Two days later, I noticed that whatever yeast infection I had was totally gone. This stuff is AMAZING. It leaves my skin soft and supple, it helped with the hairs growing in on my trip, and when I applied it to my bug bites, the bites were far less red and itchy than they were before.

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m using the body butter as a lubricant and a lotion, which is doing wonders on my hands and feet. I don’t recommend using this lube if you use condoms as your only method of birth control, and certainly not if you’re using condoms for STI prevention.

I love this stuff and I think you will too! Southern Butter gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. Get frisky and get yours here!

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-The Frisky Fairy

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