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 I love dating websites. I cannot hide how much I love dating websites. I love to play on them, and see the new people who are looking for similar things. I like to see how they are policed and the way they are designed. So, when I was contacted by to write a review of their site, I was really excited.

Welcome to BeyondTwo!
Welcome to BeyondTwo!

My first impressions of are mostly positive. I like that it’s not just a dating site, but is also for networking and creating a community within the polyamorous lifestyle. Polyamory can be hard, because it is such a minority, and finding people who have a lifestyle similar to yours and can help you through tough times is very relaxing. I think it is very important to have spaces for people where they will not feel judged or feel as though they have to be in hiding. It’s really nice to see a place that combines the best of dating and community and connection in a space that is really judgement free.

I love the sign up process. It’s an intensive process, but there are a lot of different options available to defining yourself and also to define your relationships. The portion to define your relationships gets complicated though, and it would be ideal to just allow a blank space for people to enter the relationships their in. Especially if you have more than one “primary” relationship- as I do. In addition, there is an option that requires you to select what you’re looking for, and gives options like “gay poly family” and “poly transsexual single female”. You’re required to select at least one, but none of them really fit. I feel like that is a complicated, and unnecessary portion of the sign-up process- especially when there’s an option to say what you’re on the site for immediately below.

Giving the option for choosing the types of relationships you have would be ideal, especially if you have more than one primary.
Giving the option for choosing the types of relationships you have would be ideal, especially if you have more than one primary.

I also like that it’s FREE I like free. I love free. Free is good. I really enjoy that there is a space that has been created for polyamorous people that is open to everyone and allows for those who cannot afford to pay for a community to have the opportunity to have one! I love when there are spaces for people to exist that belong to them!

I really love that there is an education component. I love that there is a glossary and a number of places with education, but I wish they had a copy editor or someone to go through and clean it up, as much of it is confusing and repetitive, which loses much of the education aspect, as the information doesn’t teach much. Here’s hoping that they will eventually find someone to edit and help write up the education portions on the site.

My biggest criticism is that I find the interface to be incredibly messy. I know that the site is newer, and smaller, and thus will take some time to fall into a groove, but I think it’s a bit hectic. There’s a space for members and forums and blogs, and so many things that you could do, that I find that the overall spirit of the site is lost in how much information there is. I would also love to see a more defined moderation policy, as well as a written policy on how they intend to handle members who are abusive or harass other members.

Another strange thing, is how the information is laid out on the profile. The response to the Internet Dating Safety Act is posted in a HUGE location on the page, and I feel like the design on the profile could be much better.

Overall I think this is going to be a valuable tool for polyamorous folks to find friends and family and community. I recognize that sites take time, and this one is in the beginning stages. I think there is a lot of potential for the site to be amazing, and I am so excited to see where it will go.

I love this site and I think you will too! gets the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. Get frisky and take this time to sign up for an account of your own, and make sure to add me as TheFriskyFairy!

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