A hand in a fingerless black glove pets an affectionate tan cat.

The Frisky Fairy Reviews: Love Bites Vampire Gloves

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Today I’m reviewing Love Bites Vampire Gloves. These gloves are loving crafted by Phyllis-Serene Rawley (Author of All My Heros Were Ho’s which I am desperate to read). I have tried a few pairs of vampire gloves in the past but I had a few problems with them. Typically with gloves on my hands, the glove either pinches or pools at the gap between my fingers. This mean that most of the vampire gloves I’ve tried don’t fit, and finding a size that does fit is complicated and can be expensive. In addition, leather gloves are not vegan, and can’t be sterilized, so in the event that someone got bodily fluids on the gloves, there would be no way to clean them up.

Enter, the Love Bites.

The three Love Bite Vampire Gloves! How scritchy!
The three Love Bite Vampire Gloves! How scritchy!

The crafty little buggers are really cool and really useful. The gloves are stretchy gloves. They come fingerless or with fingers and in a number of colors, styles, and materials. They even have a Swarovski crystal version that is to die for. I was sent a chenille knit, basic knit, and basic knit fingerless option. I found that these gloves are really similar to your basic winter gloves, which meant that for me the basic knit was out. I really liked the fit of the chenille glove, but I found that the fingers were too long. This left the fingerless option, and since I have a tendency to be a bit scratchy with my nails, that suits me just fine! Inside the glove are a number of studs that are glued into place. I’m not sure exactly what kind of glue is used, but I’ve washed my gloves 3-4 times and none of the studs have come undone.

One delightfully sharp hand :)
One delightfully sharp hand 🙂

Now that we’ve gotten past the basics, let’s talk about how these gloves feel. For the wearer, they feel soft and comfy, like a cozy pair of winter gloves. For the one being scratched, it feels sharp and tingly, but it wont break the skin unless you’re really trying to. I found that one of the best uses for these gloves is for what I lovingly term “hair pets”. I love having my hair brushed and touched, and these gloves are wonderful to get the right kind of stroke. My partner enjoys them because he can brush my hair without getting a cramp in his hand from holding a brush. As far as the scratching on the skin goes, it’s nice, and it feels amazing. You can vary the types, and depth of the intensity with the different strokes of your hand. I really enjoyed the feeling having my skin scratched and then immediately stroked with a “naked” hand.

Even my kitty loves the glove for pets!
Even my kitty loves the glove for pets!

In terms of using them with a violet wand, they’re actually really useful. I use my conductor pad in the glove itself, on the top of my hand- not my palm, because my hands don’t sweat much. If your hands sweat, you’re going to want to put the pad somewhere else. The shocks are surprisingly muted because there are so many of the studs. I did pick up more intensity when I used a solitary finger with studs as opposed to using a whole hand.

Some of the things I liked about using the gloves was their ease of marking. I am lucky enough to “pink up” really easily. It doesn’t take much to turn my skin bright pink and keep it that way. The scratching with about a medium effort to scratch, left a delightful number of stripes across my skin. On the other hand, a quick slap with a medium amount of effort punctured my skin lightly but barely caused me to bleed, so if you’re not a big fan of breaking skin I’d steer clear of slapping with the Love Bites gloves. I would suggest scratching with the glove then slapping, as the sensation can get intense and really delightful!

Closeup of two patches of skin, one with two tiny pinpricks, the other covered in pink scratches.
To the left, the tiniest of vampire bites. To the right the most delightful scratches!


There are a couple of negative to these gloves. They tend to pick up lint and hair like crazy. This isn’t a problem if you wash them regularly, but I’ve taken to storing mine in a small bag inside my toy bag, or else they pick up everything around them, and can look a little icky. I also find that with the fingerless ones, the edges have started to unravel after one or two washes. This doesn’t bother me so much because I can fix it with a bit of Fray Check or even stitch it myself, but for others, they might find it bothersome. Finally, I wasn’t able to find on the site to indicate what hand you’d like your gloves for, but I imagine if you contacted Phyllis-Serene, she would happily help you out.

As a company, Love Bites is incredible. The gloves start at $20, which means that just about anyone can afford to add one to their collection, and people who are just starting out can try them without breaking the bank to find they don’t like the sensation. A donation of the proceeds are donated to sex-positive charities, which is absolutely amazing.

I love these gloves and I think you will too! The Love Bites Vampire Gloves get the Frisky Fairy seal of approval. Get frisky and get yours here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy