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Been a while folks! I’ve got so much big news coming in the next few weeks that I’m about to pop, but I’ll keep it a secret just a little while longer and torment you all 😀 

This week I’m reviewing The Oral Sex Position Guide by Emily Dubberley. I’ve read some of Emily’s work before in Field Guide To F*cking and I was really excited to see more. Unfortunately, I’ve had some feelings about Quiver publishing’s aesthetic choices in the past and this book is no exception. I’m putting this out into the vastness of the internet, and asking if we can please get some more diverse sex books. Show me some people from all backgrounds please! Not everyone is tanned, toned, and able bodied, and not every couple is heterosexual. Many of these positions in this book could easily be adapted for varied bodies, so if you’re a bit put out by the heteronormativity, don’t despair you can still do many of them.

This review will contain some profanity and/or NSFW images.

The Oral Sex Position Guide is split up into three sections: Cunnilingus Positions, Fellatio Positions, and Mutual Oral Sex Positions. Within those three sections you have three different parts: The Benefit, The How To, and Extra Credit. The Benefit talks about what the move entails and why it’s pleasurable. The How To discusses how to actually do the move. Extra Credit is an extra piece of information that can make the move spicier and more pleasurable!

I love how this book talks so casually about rimming! It’s a really underrated sex act and can be super pleasurable. I loved the focus on safety in regards to rimming. This books is amazing at discussing rimming, and in such a remarkably casual and unassuming way. Emily did an amazing job with talking up the use of dental dams and anal play during oral sex in a book that is very clearly marketed for people who wouldn’t necessarily be open about trying that.

I do have some small issues with the safety of some of these moves. There are some choking hazards, and some potential dangers to your neck and/or back. My biggest concern is what would possibly happen if, while attempting one of the very acrobatic positions, you were dropped on your head, so proceed with some caution!


I’ve pulled my most favorite positions from each category, and I’ve described them below along with some of my thoughts on them all.

Cunnilingus Positions: Chairs and Graces

Chairs and Graces, a cunnilingus classic!
Chairs and Graces, a cunnilingus classic!

I think is is a really great position, possibly one that doesn’t get suggested enough. It allows for far more comfort for folks who get a sore neck. I love that it talks about the use of toys during this position because I find that it’s pretty great as far as positions go! I also enjoy that it discusses wrapping your legs around your partner’s head. I’d be interested in seeing how to modify this for people who are not able-bodied, but it could be much fun!

Fellatio Positions: Kiss His Ass

A wonderful fellatio position!
A wonderful fellatio position!

I love how this position works, though I’d be concerned for those who are not so flexible. I really like how easily modified it is, as it would be very simple just to pull the legs back, or wrap them around your partners head, or even just put them on either side. I really love how it talks about submission and domination, with the male bodied partner as the submissive. That was really cool for me to look at and read. I don’t feel like there’s enough discussion on male submission in books that are marketed to less kinky people, and seeing it discussed in a positive light made me really happy.

Mutual Oral Sex Positions: Head Dangler

Take a chance on this delightful position for mutual oral sex! You can even bring another friend!
Take a chance on this delightful position for mutual oral sex! You can even bring another friend!

I think it’s the fact that this is not really acrobatic, but seems like it is that I love it. Or maybe it’s how it could be made comfier with a couple pillows to prop up the standing partner’s knees in case they buckle. In any case, I love this because it’s a nice, easy way to enjoy mutual oral sex, and it truly would help with deep throat positions for those who are not able to. The bonus to this position is how easy it would be to play with different toys or even sensations. You can use fingers, hands, sex toys, different types of lube, or even position to add additional partners. How awesome!


As this is a book on oral sex positions, and there are only so many ways to go down on someone, I fully expected there to be at least one or two positions that made me scratch my head. The winner for the position that was the most ridiculous and unrealistic for normal, everyday people to attempt as an oral sex position was the Tunnel of Love. Even in the image, it doesn’t look like the cis female model would have been able to perform oral sex on the cis male model without seriously hurting her neck!


Overall I rather liked this book.  Again, I wish that Quiver Publishing would be a bit more diverse, but I recognize that change comes slowly. It was a really wonderful brief on some basic new things to try for oral sex. I really wish this book had a beginner and advanced version, as I found that quite a few of these positions are not designed for the average person looking to spice up their oral sex game. I do really love Emily Dubberly’s work, and I highly recommend her books to everyone. On one hand, I find that the positions are super heteronormative and that the book itself lacks diversity in the models and relationships shown. On the other hand, the book has a lovely discussion on safer sex practices, domination and submission (regardless of gender), and a wide variety of positions that you can try with your partners!

I liked this book, once I got past the lack of diversity! The Oral sex Position Guide doesn’t get  the Frisky Fairy seal of approval, but if you’re feeling adventurous, get frisky and get yours here!

Until Next Time!
-The Frisky Fairy

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