I Tried Being Homeless For Four Months, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!!

This post is going to be very long, and very heavy. It is going to cover some very intense material. I strongly encourage you to read through to the end. <3 Approximately 20-25% of homeless Americans have mental illness. Approximately 600,000 people are homeless (564708 on a specific night in January 2015). That means that an…

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The Unbound Box AKA: Like That One Time I Went Shopping on Ambien.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve been preetty quiet. I know y’all missed me so hard. Unfortunately, that random silence with slight bits of chattiness is going to continue at least until September (Possibly longer).  Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or on Twitter @TheFriskyFairy to get real life shots of what I’m up to. (And also…

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